My New Dog

A family friend needed to rehome their black lab and what a perfect opportunity. Ranger is 3 years old. He came with his kennel, a bunch of toys and a wireless fence. What a relief not having to go through the puppy stage. He’s house broken and is a really good boy.

So a couple weeks after we got him, I had him leashed when he spotted something in the back yard. This guy is 93 pounds. I had been sick from acute bronchitis all week, terribly weak and just couldn’t hold him back. I had actually passed out at the doctors office and ended up spending the evening in ER three days earlier. Anyway, I ended up on the ground and Ranger dragged me a few feet but he didn’t get away from me. I heard something crack. Got a little cold sweat going. Stretch was at his fish fry. Scooter was sick too. We went in the house and I pondered another ER visit but talked myself out of it. I was in pain and the next morning Stretch bought me a sling. I attempted work the following Monday but lasted 2 hours. Ended up going and getting an xray and found out my right humerus was fractured. I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon who said no work for at least 4 weeks. So here I sit. Watching videos and reading books on my kindle.

The doctor told me I can stop using the sling tomorrow. Yay! And do some PT at home. He will release me back to work on April 25. Oh joy. In the mean time, as limited as I have been, Ranger and I are bonding.

And I don’t want to go back to work.




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One thought on “My New Dog

  1. His expression is a tiny bit like Denver, the guilty doggie. 😦 I was really glad to see the post this morning. I hope that your remaining days off go deliciously slow. ❤

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