frustration station

I don’t know if it’s just me or what but man, my patience level is at a new low. Case in point…I was told weeks ago that the Keurig coffee pot needed to be cleaned, one of his “chores”. Today, among other things, I decided it wasn’t going to get done unless I did it. First thing I asked is if we had spare filters and he confirmed. I poured the vinegar in and did one cup before it clogged up. Stretch said it was why he didn’t clean it. He was afraid it would clog up again and didn’t want to purchase a new one. The last time it happened when he did the cleaning, I looked online and it said to bang it. So he did and it unclogged. So again, I look on youtube and find a video that said to use a paperclip to poke into the hole in the top, above where the coffee pod goes. I did it and bam! unclogged. When it was time to put it back together, low and behold, an empty filter box was all I had. So pissed. I requested Scooter go get some. He’s living here temporarily.

Tip of the iceberg. Stretch has been doing the Catholic church fish fries (6 weeks in a row). Thursdays after work he goes there right after work, to “prep”, not getting home until after 7. Then Friday he takes off work at 11am and gets home after cooking about 9. No biggie. Other than the fact that he doesn’t do anything else all weekend, except his laundry. He asks. What do you need done today? I mentioned my clogged sink in my bathroom (again)-it’s been months. I can’t dump draino, he insists he has to take the pipes apart. Also, I asked that the Christmas tree be removed (again) from the living room 8ft wall. I can’t reach it and it’s too heavy anyway. With Scooter’s help, all the other decorations were removed by January 5th. Enter tonight. NOTHING. He hides in his office watching woodworking videos and whatever else he does in there and comes out when dinner is on the table. Then promptly gets up, with or without taking his dirty dishes to the kitchen which is like 8 steps away and leaves me to clean up the entire mess.

Scooter announced he was moving to an apartment soon. He has been a big help here, with lawn mowing and garbage removal etc. In fact every time we come home from work, he has already removed the snow from the sidewalk up to the house so we don’t have to walk through it. Thankfully all of the snow is melted now.

Oh, and while I was fertilizing my orchids in the sink today, he reminded me that it was toxic. I bit my tongue because every time he cooks eggs he throws the egg shells in the sink. Salmonella anyone?

As much as I hate the thought, I can’t wait for the work week to begin.


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