Well, bad news this morning. My cousin died last night. She was diagnosed 4 months ago with stage 4 lung cancer. She is the 3rd person in my family to pass from this horrific disease. My dad being the first, with my uncle a year later. My cousin, Halee, was adopted at a young age. I saw her last at another Uncles funeral a couple years ago. I remember her being late for the funeral and I spoke to her briefly after the service.

Most of my memories of Halee come from when we were young and our house in town burned. We were finally able to move to the country and I bought a horse. Haley and her adopted brother, along with my aunt and uncle (their new mom and dad), lived down the road from us. They had ponies and every spring they would bring them down to our house. Much older and experianced, I would ride them and get their winter “bucks” out.

Halee had a daughter out of wedlock. She never married but I have comfort in knowing her boyfriend stood by her to the bitter end. She had started chemo and had her first radiation treatment earlier on the day she passed. She had returned home after the treatment and started coughing up blood. The paramedics couldn’t save her.

Such a sad time for us all. Halee was much younger than me. She had so much left. My heart is heavy.

Rest in Peace Halee. I am so sorry you were taken away. You will be missed. I will think of your soft soul and bright smile often. Love you…

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