It’s been a while. A very long while! How are you? Did you have a lovely Valentines Day. We stayed in. ALL weekend. Stretch made me chocolate pie. He sent me 2 dozen roses, to work on Friday, the 13th. He loves me.

Been thinking so much about this work thing lately. I started with this company in 1976. Well, if that doesn’t age someone nothing will. I left for a year and a half and have been back 23 years. So, yeah, I have worked a total of 37 years. I am so done. My “artist” job has been reduced to “glorified editor” as 90% of the art coming is has already been started by an agency. All I do now is make sure it is printable and that any copy they have added, changed, missed, will pass our approval system. Our company actually PAYS the agency to do the art. What the hell am I doing here anyway? I feel like I have paid my dues. I want out. O-U-T out.

This Michigan weather really sucks. Look what we have in store for us the following few days…



Lake Effect & Frigid Through Thursday … Below Zero Thursday & Friday Mornings … Light Snow Friday Night & Saturday. Most of this Michigan winter has been a weather warning.

How does one quit a job and move south? I would like to pack it all up and get the hell out. Seriously. Like, yesterday!

Sorry to come back with a rant. I hope you are warm and safe and anywhere but here!


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