slight change of location

So…every since I moved in with Stretch…I haven’t been the happiest. This association thing. The control they have over what we can and can’t do on the property. We have close neighbors and I once woke up and saw 2 teenage boys playing in the back yard. From the window…in our bedroom. Which only meant they could see me too.

Stretch is overly giving. What is his is everyone else’s. But I can tell, he is getting tired of getting taken advantage of. The neighbors asked last week if they could borrow the lawn mower. The one that is 2 months old that I PAID FOR. Stretch asked my permission. I said no way. Theirs had a broken belt and was an easy fix. I told him to offer to go get the belt and put it on for them. In the end…they got it fixed all by themselves. Hello…how hard was that? The same neighbor asked to borrow our snow blower last winter. Dude has two strong teenage boys and needs a snow blower TO BLOW OFF THE DECK? Stretch let them take it. I would have handed them a shovel. The same one WE USE on our deck. Neighbors… always borrowing things and bringing them back either out of gas or broken etc.

So…I want to live in privacy, in the county away from it all, again. And I think I have found something we both will be happy with. 4.5 acres. Half wooded. Outbuildings (yay!) Stretch can have his wood shop and I can have… I can have…whatever I want! Chickens. um… goats. I know!!! A minature donkey! or a horse or 2. yay! And a stones throw from our camping spot. Our 40 acres of Gods green earth. I hope we love the house. Everything else is perfect. We go look at it with a Realtor Monday, yay…

I want a goat!

I want a goat!

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