Black Rock Medival Festival


I went to my first Renaissance Faire. Great fun. We didn’t stay for the Jousting although, if you know me, I love a horse. And a man in shining armour would have made it all that more special but 2.5 hours was enough. I thoroughly enjoyed the birds of prey and we did get to see some shiny men sword fighting. (think WWE with armour)





So yeah, this grizzly dude must have been sweating bullets under there. A sweltering 85 degrees in the shade in Augusta MI that day. I hope to explore a bigger venue in the future. This was my “break in” of Ren Fests.

Oh, We got lost on the way home. So lost that we were going down roads that were narrow and dusty and I thought for sure that some freaky monster was going to jump out and get us. Yep, THAT LOST


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