ArtPrize 2011

This year I only made it a couple of times, the second, well my friend was more interested in a museum so I didn’t get to see alot of “new” art. Which was ok really, the streets of Grand Rapids were very shoulder to shoulder that Saturday evening.

But what I did see… compared to years past… a little disappointed this year. I was happy with the top ten contenders but the winner. NOPE. Not a fan.

My co-workers entries. Karen’s is a collage of flowers (a flower a day). She kept a blog and took pictures of her progress. People at work started bringing in random things for her creation. I stuck a CD in my microwave and risked killing it to give her something to work with. Very iredessant after cooking a few seconds. It’s the silver, poinsettia looking flower on the right, third from the bottom.

My friend Patricia entered this painting. She hooked up at the same venue as Karen. Kind of an industrial looking building, in a restaurant called Lyons Den. Awesome food by the way.

I suppose the rainbow with the pot of gold would be my favorite. The black and white photo of people taking photos. Too cool. And I took a photo of it! Motion of the skater ROCKS!

I have many more ArtPrize photos but this internet connection is too slow. My only option will run to my sisters house, where fast internet and cable and all things 2011 happen. Unlike the black hole of my Poverty Corner.

Have a great weekend internet. See you soon!



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