Another peice of me…

I used to own two pet Boa Constrictors.

I am left-handed.

I recently joined the gym again and want to go daily although my muscles tell me otherwise.

I hate driving and avoid expressways.

My housecleaning skills have declined over the years. I blame most of it on access to the internet.

I used to have a dirt bike and although I will never own another motorcycle… the last couple years I have enjoyed riding on the backs of others.

I have never gotten a speeding ticket. I was pulled over once and he told me to slow down and let me go.

Snow is not my friend.

Six months after I gave birth to Scooter, I had to sign a waiver for life insurance saying I didn’t have an eating disorder. I weigh more now than I did when I was pregnant. 5’7″ 150 pounds isn’t fat!

Wanna loose 15 pounds!

I am always envious of those who had a good childhood. I feel I was forced to grow up way before I needed to.

All my grandparents, parents and step mother are long gone. Holidays are now spent at Poverty Corner.

Stretch is in his home town of New Orleans again, for a funeral this time. He just texted … going to the fair. We have plans to get together when he flies back on Tuesday.

I used to be a diet coke-aholic and have kicked the habit. Now its water with a dash of crystal light for flavor.

“D” and I have been hanging out on Fridays lately. No contact yesterday. Mutual lost interest perhaps. I don’t believe I could ever trust him after what he put me through.

I wonder if I will ever get married again.

All the men I have dated lately have been married at least twice and say they will never do it again.

I have been divorced for 17 years.

I love cheese.

I still want to be a “kept”woman.

I really would love to get off the “grid”

My sisters and I own 40 acres of Gods green earth. It’s been in our family since 1950.


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