Moon Shadow

ok, a couple of months ago, a friend hooked me up with a guy that actually works for our same company. Without ever meeting this guy, he comes and picks me up on his Harley while 3 other couples on bikes wait at the bottom of my driveway. Homeboy doesn’t have a backrest! I had to hold on to a perfect stranger for 30 minutes until we reached our destination. We had a meal and then headed to the new Casino to listen to my favorite band. With all the noise and people we really didn’t get much conversation going and unfortunately for reasons unknown we just hadn’t hooked up again.

Enter last Saturday. Tricks party at the American Legion. What a gentleman. Tall. And my gawd, I have never EVER been the fat one on a date but this guy is trim as in very thin. I have always been the skinny one! ALWAYS. Then along comes Stretch. I was told he likes to dance but he said he didn’t want to embarrass me and I once again had to shake my legs with the girls. The slow song. Well, hello there skinnier than skinny!

So today we emailed back and forth a bit at work. When when I get home he texts me… “I want to feed you, how long until you are ready?” I say 30 minutes. He says he would be here in 25.

This man loves to eat and knows how to clear a plate! I ordered fish and chips and couldn’t eat it all.

I am on a diet! At work I had a yogurt, an apple and popcorn (95% fat-free) for lunch. He knows I don’t have meals after work. He doesn’t want me skinnier than him, that’s it! So, wow I think we like each other.

Just when “D” and I have started hanging out a bit. As friends. I know, I know. You have to read back about the love of my life that broke my heart more than any other EVER!

“D” has changed. I actually asked him to go to the American Legion thing with me. He said he doesn’t go to “clubs” anymore. We used to have so much fun out dancing. Not a rejection lover, I told him I would find someone else and I did. “D” works from sunup to sundown now. Antisocial bigtime. And to tell you the truth, I really feel sorry for him. He is so stuck in his material world. He has 3 boats now. I actually went with him when he made his last purchase. A big house boat. It’s a fixer upper. He called me last night whining about an 80 yr old man running a red light and t-boning him in his prized beemer. I knew exactly what he was feeling. I am sure it about killed him. He said he thought it was some sort of omen, his car being wrecked. That perhaps he needs to grow up and realize that material things are stupid. HA!!!

So Stretch brings me home tonight and I get my guitar down for him to play. And he played Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens. He didn’t like my cheap Encore, circa 1980something guitar. Plus he has long fingers and had a hard time with it. Can’t wait to hear more… at his house… with a real guitar. I will be seeing him again. After he gets back from a trip to his home town of New Orleans. He leaves Wednesday morning. Unfortunately an unplanned trip for his sister’s husbands funeral. But man ‘o man do I see Mardi Gras in my future?


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