Tulips done bloomed!!!

Friday evening I filled my vehicle with girlfriends and headed to Holland for what has become an annual event. The Tulip Festival! A mutual friend dutch dances and this year she had both of her kids dressed up as well. Too cute! The bad/sad news was we couldn’t find her! When we finally did, well, she was on her last step. We missed the whole thing and blamed her for the bad directions! It is hard to find her dressed as a boy among all those dancers. They were everywhere and all pretty much look the same from the sidewalk. We actually missed alot. I didn’t even take many pictures this year. Not one of a tulip even…

And of course there were drinks to be had. I had two early on because I made myself designated driver. We did a bit of shopping and I purchased a ring and a birthday present for one of the girls. Pretty cool that she picked it out, loved it, put it back and made the decision she didn’t want to spend the money. So when she wasn’t looking, I did. And bought a little cupcake box to put it in.

Here’s a picture of all of us. My drink of choice was a rum punch. Was very surprised to see it was clear vs. the pinkish orange ones I get at the Red Dock. Oh well, it was good.

We went to the Itty Bitty Bar hoping for a band. There wasn’t. Instead a deejay was spinning disco tunes! The place was packed. Made me feel very old. Most of the people were my sons age. I didn’t dance but everyone else in the group did. Perhaps it was the shoulder to shoulder “kids”, made me a bit nervous as to leave five purses behind for a possible nabbing. I really, REALLY wanted to get a photo of this one “thing” we couldn’t help staring at. “It” had a Steven Tyler profile except I swear the lips were even bigger. Long wavy blonde hair or wig? Huge boobs, very skinny with over done cosmetic surgery. Like way, way over to the point of fugly. One friend said “it” was a girl. I am not taking any bets. “It” sat at the bar and seemed to be alone.

And then I came close to killing all my friends by nearly running a red light. Thankfully the friend riding shotgun said red light… then Red light… then RED LIGHT! By the time I stopped I was almost under the light and on a rail road tracks. That would have been the worst Friday 13th ever!!! In my defence, I was sober but it was raining, my windshield was splattered with bugs and I swear to god I am having big time trouble with night driving. And I was in unfamiliar territory. And there was another traffic light a block away that I did see. Thus I didn’t stop with the first red light warning!!!

Rain. Didn’t really spoil Fridays event although it did rain a bit but the rest of this weekend. WET!

Sure does put me in a bad mood. Well alot of things are putting me in a bad mood lately. Including having to go to work in the morning.

A friend of mine who I haven’t seen in years just changed her location on Facebook to St. Petersburg, Florida. Yeah, her and her hubby most likely have retired early. Lucky bitch!!!

Oh and my youngest, Scooter turned 23 yesterday. Way to make mom feel even older! Happy birthday son… Loves you bunches!!!


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