Today is My Birthday…

I took the day off work.

I went to Wal-Mart (not much of a fan but I knew there were some things there that I couldn’t find at my regular food shopping store).

I came home and made cookies for work. When it’s your birthday, YOU have to bring in treats. Never did figure that out.

My biker friend came for a short visit. I gave him a Bud Light. He took me out for dinner Saturday. He asked me where we were going to eat. I requested On the Border. Then I said something about Red Lobster. But then I said I was feeling Mexican. So we ended up with Red Lobster. I guess he wanted fish and didn’t want to buy me a Margarita. When I asked which car we were taking, he said mine. Because it gets better gas mileage. I had to put more gas in it today. At $4.19 a gallon.

Another friend called to tell me I could sleep in tomorrow versus going to work early to meet up with her after. Nice of her to once again ditch me the day before, after SHE invited me (two weeks ago) for an after work beverage. Yeah, that “friend”. She does that. I don’t always believe her excuses but whatever…

I got all kinds of birthday wishes on Face Book. My sons called me. I just saw them yesterday for Mothers Day. They came and helped with yard work at my request, rather than spending money on a gift.

I received a very pretty bracelet from Skeeters girlfriend. Harmony stones with Amethyst. Supposed to enhance creative insight. hum……We shall see how it works tomorrow.

One person I ALWAYS hear from…well I didn’t. And I am worried. I should write him an email…He lives far, far away. If something happened to him I probably wouldn’t get notified.

What started out as a very great day has ended on a very sour note. At least the sun shined on my birthday.

Geez, I admit it. I am officially old!


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