Happenings and thoughts…

well the weekend was fun…

Friday… skipped out of work a couple of hours early. I spent some time outside weeding the flowers. I put off mowing (in bad need) but…

Saturday…it was too windy and chilly for me. I spent the day cleaning. I had company and made dinner. Jambalaya and garlic bread, yum…

Sunday…went to a fund-raiser at a fun drinking hole at the lakeshore for a 21-year-old who has cancer. The Other Mothers Band played. There were several other bands who donated their time and talent for this and it was a great time. Also there was a “Blessing of the Bikes” going on down the street and the parking lot was full of them after they got “Blessed”.

I love their helmet stickers!

I ran into friends of “Dicks”. It has been a little over a year since I moved out. Always taking the chance of running into him, when out listening to the Other Mothers because he first introduced me to them. Last summer was a wash. I didn’t care about my lawn or my life or anything. Just lived and coped day-to-day. I look back at the photos of him. I was never really attracted to him physically. And now…Yuck! What the heck I ever saw in him I will never know.

I saw “Dicks” name in the paper a couple of months ago. He was the emcee at some sort of local event. Well, of course he was. He thrives on being the center of attention. Living with him like I did, taught me just how fake a man can be behind closed doors. Lies and deception. He would make a great politician!


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