A Pricey Easter

Instead of the traditional Ham dinner I decided to do something entirely different this year. Something I thought would be alot of fun. Unfortunately I brought my sons up understanding the value of a dollar. So when I threw each of them $50 to piss away at the casino all they thought about was filling up their gas tanks. Sure they played a few slots. But they both went home with over $20. Whereas I lost $40 before I quit. I wanted to keep going. I am not much of a gambler. I actually planned on spending at least my $50 limit. Didn’t do it. They made me feel funny about throwing away the cash as well. But I had already spent $60 on our dinner. Next year…

Skeeter mentioned going to Craig’s Cruisers. HA! It may happen…

Because my sons are grown, as in 22 and 25 now, we don’t go out much socially. For some reason they seemed “above” this casino experience. Better than that. My band was playing. They “sucked” according to my sons. They didn’t even hear one entire song. These people have been together as dedicated musicians for well over 30 years. They are professionals in every way. I realize the type of music didn’t suit them. But still, have some respect! And my sons are not one to judge any sort of musician because well, other than wasting $ on a guitar that he doesn’t know how to play, the only experience they have is 6 months of trumpet in elementary school and guitar hero. Please kids, I have taught you so much better than that.

And not even a thank you out of any of them. I didn’t mention paying for Skeeters girlfriends drinks and ice cream that she ended up throwing away. Oh, and then I find out they had spent the beginning of their day with their dad. Took him out for breakfast buffet before getting to my house. I understand that he helped Skeeter get the exhaust on his car but still. I do so much more for them. Way more.

I understand its just a given with me and my boys. They have learned to expect this from me. Their dad. Well, I was actually very surprised he even helped them. Not his nature really.

I hope they had a good time non the less. It was nice to get out like that but I really think a nice home cooked meal would have been just as good.

In other news, last winter I had asked my mechanic to keep a look out for a gently used lawn tractor. Mine was on its last leg. He delivered it yesterday. He had told me it was only 2 or 3 years old. I paid $600 for this thing. I am not impressed. It has a gas pedal. It doesn’t shift. The emergency brake doesn’t work. So far the only thing I like about it, it’s red. I used it today to haul my trailer up to fill it with the debri I had raked. When I shut it off I had a hard time getting it to start again.

So if nothing else…this has been a very pricey weekend. And my cubbards are bare.

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