The Band and a pitiful American Idol

First off I would like to admit that I haven’t voted for anyone on American Idol. I may have voted for Adam Lambert. He most certainly deserved to win but I am soooo fricken sick that America voted off Pia last week. There are so many left that should have went first. Pia was too good for that show. nuff said!!!

Ok…so last Saturday!!! What a hoot. A friend came and we got picked up, DD and the whole bit. Had some food and some drink and “danced like clowns on fire” all night long. Talk about serious calorie burn. Introduced myself to the newest band member. Bass player Ozzy. What a cool and very nice guy. After learning a gazillion new tunes over the winter he was up and running. Great job. I invited a group back to PC where we hung out and stayed up until 4am.

So may I present John aka Ozzy.

Here’s the whole band. I never get a good pic of all of them together. I must have them pose for me sometime when they aren’t actually playing. This is one serious band. It takes them hours to set up the stage, light and sound mixer and then tear it all down after a couple or three weekends of playing. These people work hard and play hard for their fans and there are many. The place was packed that night.

And lastly a shot of some of us goofy girls from the ground up on the dance floor.

I was on facebook the other day and a friend from high school announced that he had won (and was giving away) 9 tickets to a Rush concert. At the Palace in Auburn Hills! I messaged him right away and nabbed three. So I am going to be sitting in a suite with him and some people I have never met and it is going to be a great time. Excitement times 100!!!


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