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hey! I am back. And if this internet connection doesn’t piss me off again tonight I may have a couple of things to share.

First off Internets, IT WAS IN THE 80’s yesterday. As in summer weather, Oh yes. Unfortunately my lack of proper foot care denied me of my flip-flops to the lakeshore. It was a thought. I actually started out with boots. But then things went array and a bike ride with (I ain’t admitting with whom) turned into a car ride to GR and then a lakeshore drive to my second favorite watering hole. But no alcoholic beverages for me. I had overindulged the night before.

Whilst sitting at Wallys eating my favorite burger. Make it olive burger. Deluxe. With cheese. Drinking………………..water. We spotted some weird commotion outside. Birds. Of the exotic variety. Anyone who reads my blog knows the story of my beloved parrot Amos. May he RIP in the blue skies above. One HUGE very rare Macaw caught my attention. When we left, there they were waiting for us. Well, not exactly waiting for us but there they were. At first I thought they were there to take pics. You know, the kind where they charge you ten bucks to take a pic of you with the bird. Hello. I asked the owner if I could take a pic and he did something even better. He put his bird on my arm and let you know who (but don’t) take the photo. Keep your eyes on the beautiful blue exoticness. Please keep the eyes away from me. I don’t enjoy looking at me in this photo. But the bird? oh my…

That beak could take my face off in a heartbeat but noooo, what an awesome bird. So nice. So beautiful.

So internet, my connection is too dang slow. I have more news but maybe tomorrow. Picture of new bass player Ozzy… and a great time with the band….later….


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