Deep Thoughts?

1. My sissy and I had plans to go shopping today. She called and didn’t sound all up on it, so I bowed out gracefully. I am kinda broke anyway.

2. The weather today is cloudy and windy. Very dreary. Most of the snow is gone. Forecast calls for 60 degrees on Thursday. Me likey that!

3. PC is clean and yet a mess. I need to unclutterify.

4. Still thinking I would like to sell and move. Summers coming. I wonder how many bats will invade my space this year.

5. I had a great time playing Wii with an old-time friend last night. I think I will just stay single. I am happy with myself. Involving others has made things complicated. I have no idea why. I’m free to do whatever I want. I am as uncomplicated as they come.

6. A FB friend won an iPod and iPad on Prizeorama. I started playing today. I have one point so far. Oh boy!

7. Sometimes I just want to go back to bed.

8. If the sun was shining I would most likely head to Costco. I hope my boys don’t show up. They are always hungry. Not much to offer them! Can of soup kids?

9. I am need of a handy man fixer upper. “dick” broke my bedroom ceiling fan and I miss that thing. The noise helped me sleep. It’s been a year now, I need to get another one. And find someone to hook it up.

10. I hope my driveway doesn’t need plowing again this winter. January and February’s bills added up to 300 bucks. I coulda got some kicking shoes with that kinda cash.

11. I wish Stella would keep her nose off the windows.

12. Last year at this time I was loosing weight. I actually lost 15 pounds from the “break up of the century”. I have since gained it all back.

13. Can’t decide if I want to go dancing tonight. Again, kinda broke.

14. I think bald men lose their brains from the lack of hair.

15. Note to self. No more dating bald men….


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