Reality TV

I am not a big fan of reality TV. I joined the Survivor pool at work a few years ago, a meer ten bucks with the chance at the 100 bucks win, well I got sucked in. I have won too! But alas, my Christina got thrown into Immunity Island last night and I fear I have lost my chance for the big winnings and the shopping spree attached to it. Why American Idol is on the same time slot as Survivor pisses me off!

American Idol is another show I don’t like to miss. I picked Adam Lambert from the beginning. I have lost the love, he has turned into quite the freak show. Before Idol he was in Wicked on broadway. I saw the play a couple of months ago and LOVED it. What a great story of the witches from the Wizard of Oz. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must.

Anyway…my picks for American Idol 2011 in the order I like them today. It may change when they step it up.

I really love Pia. She is a natural and has a beautiful voice. Sadly tonight one of my picks, Casey (center) is in the hospital and isn’t appearing tonight on the “vote off” show. As far as his looks, I hope he changes. Kinda werewolf-ish. Paul. Love him and his voice. Rod Stewart raspy and that smile, nice! The quirky dancing around on the stage may get old.

I wasn’t so much into James. He’s a rocker. Love me a great rocker. And he changed my mind after last nights performance. I am giving him a chance as underdog. Hope he can pull it off.

There are many people I know who love the deep country voice of Scott. I will have to judge for myself when I hear him do anything other than country. I am sure he will go far, even if he doesn’t win Idol.


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