Dating Retards (no offence to the mentally challenged)

I did that once years ago. Someone I spoke to came up with term name “dating retard” after I explained a situation. I thought he would be my only experience. I was wrong.

Ter has proved himself to be the ultimate dating retard. I dumped him. I have had more than enough.

I had told him that I had plans on Saturday night the week before. Girls night out, dinner and dancing. He certainly never invited me out dancing. In fact other than a quick dinner before Valentines Day, we haven’t gone anywhere. So Friday he asks if he could have the privilege of seeing me sometime over that weekend. He said he would come over Sunday. I told him my boys were coming for dinner and he was more than welcome. So Sunday comes and I got a text from him that he would be over later that day so I would have some alone time with my sons. The day wore on and I didn’t hear from him. About 5 he texted me and asked what I was doing. I told him I was dozing on the couch. He said he wasn’t gonna make it and would call later. Never did.

Oh yes, pissed was me. I made a special dinner with Ter in mind. Lasagna and salad and garlic bread and dessert too. And he not only pulls a no-show but never even calls me.

He texted me at work the following Monday and after I replied with good morning, what happened to you last night? he got all pissy and I told him to have a nice day. He called me on his break and was very quiet as I went on a rant. He said he would like to speak to me and would stop over after work. By text because I had hung up on him again. Not worth my breath. He said he would drop off the plate I had sent home with him one day, after fixing him lunch to take to work. I told him to keep it and stay away.

This relationship has been very one sided. I am not so sure what the hell his problem is but he is just not worthy of my efforts.

Done Ter, over and out!!!


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