Winter, Michigan style

And here we go again, folks. Last week was in the 5os. All the snow from the great Groundhog dump of 2011 melted. With the exception of the giant piles of dirt snow from the plows. I could see grass. Green grass. Stella was so impressed that she ran off to the back forty looking for critters and ignoring my desperate calls to come home. She got the silent treatment when she returned!

So along comes Sunday. Stella and I were away for the night and I was aware of the winter weather warning. As soon as I saw the snow start flying, we jumped in my car and headed for home. It wasn’t a fun ride. It was snowing hard and the roads were nasty. What scares me is the forecast for freezing rain tonight. The kind that covers the trees and wires and cars with a thick coating of ice. Makes for next to impossible travel and if I am lucky the tree leaning on the main wires coming into PC won’t collapse and knock my power out.

But it sure makes a pretty picture!


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