Another night, another dream

I took a pill before I went to bed. I think it made me dream. A very scary dream. Someone knocked on my door and five people just barged in, like it was their house. I remember one couple going to bed. In MY bed. The others were doing drugs and partying. I told them repeatedly I was calling the cops. One woman left. And returned with a gun. And shot me in the leg. I can still see her standing in front of my sliding deck door, her gun pointed right at my head this time. I woke up. Weird.

In other news, a friend told me “my house” was up for sale again. I have wanted this house for a very long time. An A-frame in a “community” with a pool and boat launch/park. I called the realtor whom I actually know. What a dumb bitch. First thing she said was houses aren’t selling right now. Duh! I asked her a few questions about the house and she knew nothing. I found out from someone who lives out there, that she has never been in that house. Of course she knows nothing. I am calling the office in the morning and requesting someone else take me for a showing. Who knows, I may not even like it, once inside. But then again I may love it. And I need to get cracking on getting PC ready to sell. I figure I can sell it for at least what they are asking for the A-frame. I love the location out there. Loads of safe roads to walk. Most people let their dogs run free. And it has a two stall garage! oh my, I think I want! Bad!!!!


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