Valentines Day

well folks…alot of single people are posting their worst dates ever. I can’t think of one right now. And hell, I don’t even know if I am single. Most likely my brain is in a fog from not sleeping since 9 am Sunday morning. Sure, I had a three-hour nap when I got home from work but obviously my head doesn’t recognise a quality nap. Why did I not sleep? Well, I had so much on my mind. And as much as I tried, it just wasn’t happening. I got up and got on the internet. Did some cleaning. Got ready for work at 3:30 am before remembering our stupid office rule that some are allowed to break and others aren’t. The rule that says the office is only open from 6 am to 6 pm. Whatever. I got in at 5:30 and promptly left at 1:30. Oh my god, someone is going to die for me breaking the rules at work. again. I did learn there isn’t alot of Facebook action going on at 4 am.

I am still attempting to think of a worst date for you. Even if I may not be single. You are aware that it is Singles Awareness Day too right? For those of us who may or may not have a sweet heart.

Ter and I didn’t have a great weekend. It started out great, during the week, when we made weekend plans. But by weeks end it all fizzled out into him coming over Friday and hooking up my TV (people I have been TV-less for almost a week) and taking me to Applebees which ended up being Wing Street – the Pizza Hut attempt. Ter has no clue about eating out on a Friday night. Why is Applebees so busy? Because Ter, like us, people are hungry, don’t want to cook and they decided to go a tad bit early and got our seats. Not a problem so much at Pizza Hut aka not so good chicken wings. I love wings. I just like mine the way I cook them, a little kick and dry. Not swimming in a bowl of sauce, even if I get to choose the sauce AND the level of crispness of my skin. Ewe. Just grossed myself out. I think I may be getting sick. Or pregnant. Not. But the symptoms of nausiness are upon me and words like chicken and skin don’t make me feel better.

So, Ter had an obligation at his Club Saturday. I was going with him. But he knows how I feel about his Club. He actually called me on Thursday and told me that I didn’t have to go. I was kind of relieved but hey!!! Wait a minute. Sure there was some sort of special officers meeting early on but later they were having a Valentines Dance. At night (for those of you who aren’t aware, the last time I went to a Club dance, it started at one pm). This was like the big Club event of the year. Saturday we got into a little spat, heck if I can remember why (brain sleeping) but the last thing he said was he had a designated driver for Saturday night. I think I may have hung up on him.

This post is getting too long for my liking!

Anyway, long story short? Ter sent me roses and a teddy bear and a box of candy at work. I got it right before the 1:30 witching hour. In a box. I don’t know about you all but dang if I hate going home and arranging flowers before I go to bed from the 28.5 hour party in my head. But I did it so the poor dozen red roses would be happy.

The kicker of the story, after a not so pretty ending to the weekend. He told me the flowers were coming and couldn’t cancel the order. I certainly cancelled my Valentines plans with him. But mine was a little more involved than a phone call (or even an online order for all I know). Candle lit home cooked dinner, complete with Pioneer Womans Cherry Pudding Cake and a possible massage. But he got none of the above. Way to tired, not to mention I am not so sure he deserves my effort at this point.

Do I feel bad? Ever so slightly. Chocolates, stuffed animals and flowers. Guys, put a bit of thought into it. Valentines Day is a Hallmark holiday anyway. It’s the little things you should do everyday to make it special. Then pick any random day to surprise me.

Good night!


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