I hate…

…when I put leftovers in a favorite red bowl and am nice enough to let it leave my possession, only to find out LPD will most likely never return it. Even when I said “I want this back”. Ugh, sometimes I am too nice for my own good.

…when I bring homework home and let it sit until I can’t put it off any longer. Pretty sure I will be up late Sunday night and looking at the stack…not gonna get it all done. I am so unmotivated with overwhelming new “FDA” paperwork. ugh

…the thought of riding to the lakeshore. I mean I really want to get over there today but not sure my back is up for a long ride. Going to see the Royal Lipizzan Stallions tomorrow. Another long ride, a long sit in the auditorium and then the long ride home. If it was a concert I would be on my feet dancing. Doubt if people will appreciate me standing for the dancing horses. Got front and center seats! Hope they let us take pictures!!!

…short, busy weekends and long work weeks…

…that if I had been in a union all these 33 years, I could retire with alot of good benefits. I am dumping a great deal of cash in my retirement account. I hope I have enough when it finally happens.


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