Snow Daze and Second Chances

of course, how could you all not know about the “Groundhog Day Dump of 2011”? It is so fricken windy out there that poor Poverty Corner is shivering cold. Is it snowing? No. Will it? Supposed to. It ain’t gonna be pretty. I have already hunkered down for a stay at home and work day tomorrow. As has most everyone in my neck of the work force.

10-18 inches huh, Mr. Smartypants weatherman? Ugh. Just when the sciatic nerve thing is nearly under control, I fear the thought of my walk to the vehicle sometime too soon. Attempting a bit of shoveling as I go. Not to worry, I will take it as easy as I possibly can cos God forbid, we have a HOT project at work that is screaming to get off my desk. Thursday at the earliest.

So… second chances. Ter and I have been off since way before Christmas. Sure we have gotten back into talking and yeah I invited him over on Christmas day because I didn’t feel it was nice to be all alone on Christmas. And yes, ahem, the “gift” is still in my possession, right over there in my Southern Living bucket, packed back in it’s Hot Diamonds boxes.

Ter sent me an email today. And it has been on my mind even before today. The email was his “DailyOM” and it was titled “Taking another look, Importance of second chances”. I have had this guy on my mind alot lately (actually he never left completely). After he got rather pissed at me for not accepting his jewels at Christmas, we hadn’t contacted each other. I felt bad because I had invited him out for dinner for his birthday. The communication had stopped again and I didn’t even wish him a Happy Birthday. I am such a loser. So, we are back at the talking again. He has been posting songs, he does that, posts songs on FB that I know are meant only for me.

One of the songs made me cry. I do that with songs, doesn’t everyone? The video was awesome. The song is titled – Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square. Yep, country. It is a very emotional song when you really listen to the words. And it scares the crap out of me.

Ter is the hardest working man I know. He signed up for a vacation day for tomorrow. He has since texted me that because of something that happened today, he has decided to attempt going to work tomorrow. He drives an hour each way on a normal day. With this storm and the white outs it will take him two or more.

Ter burnt me a CD not too long after we met (after not seeing each other for over 30 yrs). The first track of Nickelback, Never Gonna Be Alone.

Time, is going by, so much faster than I
And I’m starting to regret not spending all of it here with you
Now I’m wondering why I’ve kept this bottled inside
So I’m starting to regret not selling all of it to you
So if I haven’t yet, I’ve gotta let you know

You’re never gonna be alone from this moment on
If you ever feel like letting go, I won’t let you fall
You’re never gonna be alone, I’ll hold you ’til the hurt is gone

And now, as long as I can, I’m holding on with both hands
‘Cause forever I believe
That there’s nothing I could need but you
So if I haven’t yet, I’ve gotta let you know

You’re never gonna be alone from this moment on
If you ever feel like letting go, I won’t let you fall
When all hope is gone, I know that you can carry on
We’re gonna see the world out, I’ll hold you ’til the hurt is gone

Oh, you’ve gotta live every single day
Like it’s the only one, what if tomorrow never comes?
Don’t let it slip away, could be our only one
You know it’s only just begun, every single day
Maybe our only one, what if tomorrow never comes?
Tomorrow never comes

I must admit that last line kind of cracks me up. When I was married years ago, I would ask my husband, when are you going to do this or that and he would most likely say tomorrow. And it usually never came.

But yeah, Ter is in my head. I just don’t know what tomorrow will bring for us. Other than a crap load of snow.


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