brought to you by the color yellow

I am not much a fan of yellow. Not alot of yellow in my wardrobe, I can think of only one, a hoodie with a parrot embroidered on it, the back says “It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere”. Tacky is me, it was a re-gift cos my niece didn’t like it. But I am a lover of yellow flowers and cars for some reason. A friend drew a pic of me and I have a yellow t-shirt on!

Yellow Hot Rod…oh my!

Chihuly Exhibit at Meijer Gardens

Sunset on the Lake. Oh, I dream I were there right now.

Fireworks on the 4th!

Yellow walls at one of my favorite spots in the whole, wide, world. Along with a tacky beer capped fish.

And me strapped in a yellow life jacket. I can swim but why take the risk? Alot of crazy boats on them waters!

Bright, sunny, invigorating yellow. I will try to love you more….


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