LDP overdone…

So dating the deaf one has come to a screeching halt. Communication being a vital part of the dating scene, well he just doesn’t have it. I am always open and honest with all I meet. I have absolutely nothing to hide. But I really think he does. I WAS planning on seeing him this next weekend, he invited me over and even offered to come get me and my dog. Next thing I know he is emailing me, accusing me of game playing and his words, “I think it’s just time to drop this”. All was good and then boom. I don’t get it at all. Are my feelings hurt? Hell no but still. I think I deserve at least a bit more of an explanation. Exactly what kind of game am I supposed to be playing? Men! COMMUNICATION. I am a big girl (in an adult, mature kind of way). If I have bad breath or you don’t like the way I cuss, or you don’t like me period, just TELL ME. It’s a learning thing.

I have learned a few things about LDP that I didn’t really like. He struggles. With everything. Can’t hear. Says nothing will “fix” it and will most likely be totally deaf soon. He doesn’t get online alot so keeping the communication going like that is a negative. Doesn’t talk on the phone, which I thought was odd, I know he has to communicate at work. And he seems very angry. His ex took him for everything and he lives paycheck to paycheck. I have found most men who have been married a time or two are like this. And the thing he told me of the “neighbors”. The wife came on to him more than once- they party all the time and LDP said being a man and being “without” for so long, well he “wasn’t shy” toward her advances. Not exactly sure how far it went but from someone who has had both wives supposedly cheat on him, well, seems to me that he would think messing around with someone elses woman would be wrong. And his poor daughter. I feel sorry for her but of course only hear his side of the story. I know because he is broke all the time, when he has his visitation, well he doesn’t do a whole lot with her. No money to go out and have fun. Do the things that visitation is about.

LPD told me that I was “just what he had been looking for”. Well, truthfully, I think even though he always said that there were no others he was interested in, I think someone contacted him that he now wants to pursue. Or maybe the neighbor left her husband and moved in with him. Whatever. Good luck and smile mister. Life is too short to be miserable!


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