Weekend pondering

1. I love coming home from work on Friday, thinking I can do what I want for the next couple of days.

2. Pondering the thought of sledding and most likely an “animated” film with LDP and his 11 yr old daughter… nope, does not appeal to me this weekend.

3. Staying home all weekend, alone. It’s something that I really, REALLY enjoy. Is that wrong?

4. My snow plow guy has plowed 4 times in the last week, to the sum of 20 bucks a shot. 80 dollars in one week is alot, considering the driveway didn’t really need it, I have four-wheel drive AND it takes him about 75 seconds. Good wage. Here’s to no more snow, Mr. get-rich-quick guy!

5. Stella, my dog, does not like to be in the same room with me when I play Wii (it is a form of exercise people). I guess after getting knocked up side the head a few times (whoops) in the past she has finally learned to steer clear of me and my controller.

6. Laundry, I did it all. I need more closets. I have become a clothes hoarder. And dang if Kohls didn’t send me a 30% off coupon. I hate when that happens. And the $10 same as cash coupon from the Dress Barn… ugh not going there, I’m not, I’m not!

7. Thinking I would like to make quilts for my sons for Christmas. I wonder if they will ever get done? My biggest problem with sewing is the craft room is so far away from my normal hang out. I may have to set up “shop” in my dining room soon.

8. Thinking about a few people who I would like to talk to. If it weren’t for them wanting me all to themselves.

9. Can we just go right into Spring now?

10. Sunday p.m. I hate when THAT happens.

Have a great week!


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