Another Friday Night…

and I ain’t got nobody. Really, why do I spend a Friday night home alone when I have an invitation?

1. Because the weather outside is frightful?

2. Because driving 45 minutes to play bingo and a chance to win $1,800 didn’t appeal to me. (especially in frightful weather). He has offered to come and get me but I haven’t given up an address. You have to be a bit more special than that, mister.

3. Because I chose to stay home, not wanting to go out, it’s been one heck of a week and I am just plain tuckered out…

4. Because LDP (aka hearing loss guy) emailed me telling me he is broke this week but would come over if/when I wasn’t busy. Bring food and drink too. Hopefully Sunday we can hang out. Scooter and Skeeter are coming too. Maybe I will tell him forgo the most likely venison something and I’ll make a big o crock pot of chili. Make grilled cheese. And no bake cookies!

5. Because tomorrow… I AM going out and will be on the dance floor until “my band” quits playing.

Warning, unless I dream up something exciting for ya, I most likely won’t be posting tomorrow. And possibly not Sunday either, depending on the cooking for a small crowd, duration of Wii games- my Gawd, don’t make me golf!!!,  the level of headache from said band gig Saturday night- hey the band is picking me up, bring on the booze – my dance skills improve with alcohol, it’s called liquid courage. And how much trouble I may get into with a dude I am more than slightly attracted to (IF he can make it on Sunday).

In other words, have a great weekend! I know I will…..


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