Happy New Year…

…and a resolution. I promise to be a better blogger. Sometimes one gets caught up in life and gets behind in her thoughts.

2010 started out to be one of the best years of my life. I fell in love with someone I knew was the love of my life but the feelings ended up being not so mutual and he kicked me where it hurt the most. My heart. I had a very hard time getting THAT out of my head.

One Sunday in late Spring I went on my dating site and had gotten a message from someone I had been communicating with. It simply said “how would you like to take a ride to the lake shore today?” Well, I pulled back my shoulders and lifted my chin and away I went. I haven’t looked back since. I spent alot of the summer in that corvette. M is a great friend but just my luck, he has much deeper feelings for me.

Seems like everyone I have met is like that. They fall hard and fast. Hey! I ain’t perfect. I don’t know why I attract all the wrong ones. I just want one right one. Is that too much to ask?

So 2010 was me out meeting men. Some I still keep in contact with, others can’t for whatever reason. Why is it that men can’t be friends and always want me to themselves?

The Holidays…Ter… we had gone out late in the summer/fall and I gave him a chance and although I do care about him, I just don’t get him. We broke up and I told him I was going back to the dating site. We said some awful words and he accused me of playing games with his emotions. I have always been upfront with whoever I meet. Eventually we started a little dating again. We went to a movie, he came over a couple of times. He had nowhere to go for Christmas so I invited him to my house. I bought him a shirt and a programmable thermostat. He got me diamonds. Earrings and necklace. I had family over and had to accept them so not to embarrass him and a few days later told him he needed to return them. Then I learn he has been spying on me on the dating site. And unfriended me from FB. So for 2011 I have changed my ways. I will not get caught up in a relationship. I am tired of everyone wanting me to themselves. I am DATING.

I actually went out with someone I just met Wednesday. Saw True Grit. Great movie, 4.5 stars. Would have been 5 but the ending was a bit weird. Nice enough guy, see him again? Donno, he spends alot of time away from home for work and in his spare time…he plays Bingo. Hum……..

Had another date Thursday with someone I had met once before. He lives quite a distance so it’s been hard hooking up again. Because of the holidays he had his 10 yr old daughter so I invited them to my town for a free matinée. How To Train Your Dragon. When I told him Little Fockers was playing in the evening he decided we needed to see that. It’s been years since he has seen an non animated film. He said his daughter was older than her age and it would be ok. NOT. So embarrassing with all the sexual content. She must have been bored stiff. And the movie. 1 star for me. It just wasn’t that good or perhaps I am Fockered out. But as far as that date… I really like this guy. He works hard, loves his daughter and lives on the river in a log cabin. And he has a head full of long gray hair. NICE! Downfall is that he is very hard of hearing. I was hoping his daughter would have the magic words for communication but she told me she has to repeat everything at least twice. It’s very sad. I spoke closer to his ear. He had his hearing aids but didn’t need them for the movie. With communication so vitally important I am not so sure if this would ever work out. I will admit, however, that I would like to get to know this guy much better.

So there you have it. Other than working, hanging with my sons now and then and kicking up my heals on the dance floor occasionally, 2010 went out quietly in my neck of the woods. I stayed home. Sure I had offers. But I guess I needed to be alone. Here’s to “company” NYE 2012!

May you find all the happiness your heart can handle this year…


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