Art Prize 2010, my three visits…

My friend Karen invited me to her reception for Art Prize. She had an awesome clay picture she has titled Four Seasons at her venue. The food was amazing, the food “artist” even had a table set up for making somores. Here is her entry. This is clay that was sculpted, mounted on board and baked whole. This was a time-consuming project with great colors and creativity!

Four Seasons

 The bronze guy was back. Last year he was in the BOB (big old building) with his bronze monkey. This year he was outside in their the parking lot. Yes people, this is a real person.

Bronze Man

These were still under construction when we drove by on the 22nd.

Oh look, there’s Karen in her oversized wedding dress made out of? I do not know.

Okay, I suck at descriptions, so I am just gonna throw in some random pics of what I saw and enjoyed and hope you enjoy them as well.

There was a bit of freakishness to be had as well!

Probably one of my favorites! Life sized paper mache. 

The giant greeting card. People wrote all over inside it, Guinness world record size and I believe it was vandalized in the night along with some other artwork. Sad.

The Chihuli glass exhibit was going on at Meijer gardens at the same time so I went to see that too. Awesomeness….

Karen playing one of the 22? pianos scattered about during Art Prize.

and lastly Karen and I standing in front of a random art wall.

I even had a dream that a bunch of people were at PC and we got the idea of writing on sticky notes, plastering them all over my dining room table. We decided to enter it in Art Prize 2011. I think I better dream up something much better than that!

whoops, silly me, forgot to add the winner of the event…Chris LaPorte and his life size pencil drawing called Calvary. yeah, he’s $250,000 richer.


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