Kinda… Sorta… possibly… a blooming relationship?

Ter and I have been dating a couple of weeks and we’re having a great time together. We’re planning a northern, fall color trip soon. He has been “alone” for quite some and is sort of set in his ways. Has a routine going on. Unlike me, the fly by the seat of my pants type. I guess opposites do attract. He loved my chili even though I felt I ODed on the chili powder.

He works 10 hours a day and drives an hour to get there. We haven’t seen each other than weekends. He used to be big into country line dancing. HA! If you knew me, you would have thought I would have dumped him by now. He actually danced semi-professionally and traveled out-of-state for competitions and appeared on some cable TV channel. Not that I am impressed. I tell him, I free style dance to rock and roll only and I don’t do synchronized dancing. So he wants to teach me the two-step. Again, HA!

Ter is involved in one of those “clubs”. You know the one where you have to be invited to join and go through initiation and all. I guess it’s a social thing. Whatever, if we stick it out, I guess I will be joining him on occasion. He is some sort of “officer” and said he will be the next president. His club is hosting a dance in a couple of weeks. Just some local musicians getting together for a fund-raiser. It starts at one o’clock on a Saturday afternoon. Heck, I am still in my jammies that time of day on the weekend. Plus my friends band is playing that night. I told Ter, I don’t fight. I make compromises. I guess my deal will be if he goes to see my friends band with me this Saturday, I will go to see his friends at his “club” next Saturday. If he doesn’t agree with that, I will be at the “Tracks” with friends that night instead of at the “club” during the day. Who the hell dances at one in the afternoon anyway?

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