Dating pt 2

then there is Ter …

Someone from my past. We spoke some online and then it stopped. He told me it was something I had said that made him think I had no interest. I ended up seeing him on FB on someones wall and I friended him. We started IMing and he eventually asked for my phone number.

I guess I should back up a bit. Thirty five years ago Ter and I went to the same school and graduated together. We actually went out on a double date with my sister and her boyfriend. We had a good time but for whatever reason we never went out again. Then one night months later, a friend and I were at a local bar and somehow Ter and his friend and me and my friend hooked up. We went on a late night cruise (if I remember correctly) and when we got back to the parking lot, my friend ended up leaving for a while with the other guy. Me and Ter sat in his car, making out like the kids we were at the time, listening to Fog Hat on 8 track until the sun came up.

So last Saturday Ter and I had our second date. We had planned on the Hot Rod Nationals in Kalamazoo but it rained. All dang day. He asked me if I wanted to go bowling. Neither of us had gone in several years. He reminded me of a time when I was on a league. We won the 1st place trophy. We bowled his team in the finals (I don’t even remember) but he said we beat them by eleven pins.

We met at the VFW and I warned him my ex mother-in-law may be there. She was. Other than a few at the bar the place was empty so we sat and had a couple beers and great conversation. Then came the bowling. I think I scared him right off the bat. I bowled a couple strikes but things went down hill fast and of the three games we bowled, I think my highest was 135. He beat me every time.

Ter and I have been in contact every since. In fact, I just got off the phone with him. What had started with seeing each other again “next weekend”, has turned into meeting him on Friday at the “club”, going for a ride on his bike Saturday or Sunday depending on the weather and seeing a movie on which ever day it rains. Yes, I am liking him alot. And methinks the feeling is mutual. My best recollection of that night 35 years ago was Ter was a great kisser. I wonder if he still is. I am pretty sure I will be finding out.

Ter is 6 foot tall. Back in the day, he had long blonde hair. Most of that is gone now and what is left is gray. He is a very handsome man. He rides his motorcycle in charity events. He owns his own home and lives about 30 minutes from me. He has been at his job for 22 years. I am so looking forward to seeing him again. Bring it on, I am ready now!

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