Ah yes, Dating once again…

ok, stories of my summer dating life since the sudden “loss” of D.

I went to my online dating site one Sunday, the end of May and a man I had been speaking to for quite sometime invited me to go for a ride to the lakeshore. It was a beautiful sunny day and I had been feeling sorry for myself for weeks. I decided right then and there, enough! I needed this. I had never met this man. I ended up calling him, got ready and off I went to find out what he was all about. He lives in my town and drives a corvette. Very nice. We left, t-tops off, to South Haven and walked the beach and ate at the Idler, which is a boat/restaurant. We had a great time and although he isn’t “my type”, we still hook up on occasion and go for a cruise. We have gone to many car shows together this past summer. I consider him a good friend.

Next was “R” and we met half way at a bar. He owed me a drink for stealing something I had posted on face book. He is a sweety. We are very good friends and I refer to him as my BUB (back up buddy). When I want to go somewhere and someone pulls a no-show, he is always there for me even though neither of us really want a relationship together. He told me if I ever have a problem with someone, to call him and he will kick their butt. He is a big, biker dude and very attractive but is having a tough time closing the door on a previous relationship.

Next, was a guy who I met at a local, weekly car show. He has a tricked out truck. He spent more time with his truck and talking to his friend who’s truck was parked right next to him, than he did me. Neither of us felt a connection but he wanted to be friends. I ended up telling him that I had enough friends and blocked him.

I took a staycation back in August. Someone contacted me and said if I got bored, to come over and go for a pontoon boat ride. I took him up on the offer, I have never been on that lake, which is huge and leads into the Kalamazoo River. It was cool seeing the world from the water. We enjoyed each others company, I got some awesome photographs and I’ll be going out there again to catch the fall colors one day soon. As far as him? He is nice but again, friends only.

If you read my blog from the beginning, I spoke of someone that I had been on the phone with for a while but never met because although he works in Michigan, he lived in Indiana. He contacted me and said he had moved to Kalamazoo and wondered if I would like to join him for dinner. We went out, had a nice time but he kept talking about his previous marriage and his past relationships. A big no-no in my book, especially on a first date. After dinner we walked to a nearby park and I took some photos of us. Tagged him on face book. He emailed me first thing the next morning telling me that I didn’t respect his privacy and to never contact him again. WELL Rick Sanders, obviously I let one sneak by. I am usually good at figuring men out but he threw me a fast one and YES I do believe he is married.

“M”. We were IM’ing one night and he said BRB. The phone rang and it was him. We spoke of meeting and he was quite busy that week but offered up either Weds. or Thurs. I opted for Wednesday and texted him the day before to confirm. He gave a story which I accepted and we ended up going to the Metro cruise in Grand Rapids the following Saturday. I was lost. On the wrong side of town about 30 minutes from him. He told me he had an errand to run and to call him when I got close. I did and we met, he gave me a friendly hug, I jumped in his car and he drove down the road a bit where we watched the cars from behind a fence at a beer tent. He told me his “errand” was having a beer with his ex’s parents. Later we went to his “Cheers” bar, you know, where everyone knows your name. Obviously his home away from home, right across from where he worked. We had a fun time but I questioned his drinking problem in my head from before we even met. I invited him to a private party the following weekend, where my friends band was playing and he said yes. He said he really wanted to see me again and confirmed during the week that he was coming. He texted me the morning of the party. Then I didn’t hear from him. I told him it started at 5:30. I texted him at 4:45. No text back. I called him at 5. No answer. At 5:15 he texted me to say… “you are going to be pissed but I’m at the bar celebrating a birthday and we’re all “trashed”. Yeah, pissed as hell. Goodbye… Thankfully, I had already told my BUB about the event, called him, went to the party and had an awesome time.

Our County fair started last week and an online contact asked me out so I invited him to the fair. We met at the grocery store where he parked his truck and I drove because I was familiar with the area. He walked up to my vehicle holding a rose with greenery and baby’s breath. Sweet. This guy was a year younger than me, but looked 20 years older. He was a cop in Chicago for 15 years until he was shot in the line of duty. He told me later that he had to kill five people while on the job. Kill or be killed situations. I guess that alone would age a person. A truly nice man and we had a good time but no connection for me. He, on the other hand was smitten and texted me several times after our date. I finally had to break it to him that I wasn’t interested. Sorry…


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