Saying goodbye…

I tossed around the thought of going to Jim’s funeral and when I told Skeeter about his death, he said “we have to go mom”. I love when my sons tell ME to do the right thing.

Surreal doesn’t begin to describe my feelings when I walked in and saw so many of Jim’s loved ones. I wasn’t even sure if they would appreciate me being there. They welcomed us with open arms. His baby brother got up and spoke and wow, it took alot for him to do that and he had a very hard time. Jim’s fiance spoke a few words.… I don’t have enough courage to get up and bare my weak side at such an event.

I fought the tears hard and kept myself together surprising well for the most part. I had guilty thoughts of not keeping in touch, too little too late thoughts of not contacting him.

Jim turned 58 in June. He was in the Navy during Viet Nam. He worked for the same company for over thirty years until their buy out and job cuts and they let Jim go. He has three daughters and a son he adopted. He also left behind nine grand children. When I asked him to move out, he chose to move in with his mom. In the end… Jim and his mother got to spend 16 months together and became very close. I suppose that was Gods plan.

I have never missed Jim more than I do today.  Rest in Peace, Jimbo… until we meet again.

Jim and I

Ok, so I just woke up and didn’t prepare my face for the photo, but this is such an awesome photo of Jim and this is the way I will always remember him. It puts a smile on my face because we always joked about how much I hated his “fish shirt”.

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