Goodbye Jimbo

Over a year ago I jumped into this blog because I was lonely, bored and just had to put some things into words. I was just getting out of a 3 year live-in relationship with someone who started out as the love of my life and ended, well, I asked him to move on.

I haven’t spoken to Jim since he moved out. We emailed a few times, me asking if he knew where something was and what do I do to get this dish off my roof. He wanted to be friends and I had recently thought of friending him on Facebook but I feared like so many others, he would try to get back in my life and want what we once had back. He loved me. Hard. I hurt him much. I have since found out he got engaged recently.

And then, I went into work today to find an email from his daughter. I haven’t spoken to her in a very long time. She wanted me to know that Jim had passed away. I was floored to say the least. Jim and his fiance were in Atlanta where her daughter was giving birth and had a very hard delivery. They both ended up in ICU. Jim and K stayed at the hospital until 4 that morning and he died in his sleep back at the hotel on Labor Day. They suspect a heart attack.

I am happy to have known and loved Jim and pleased he had found happiness with another. I never got to tell him that I still loved him. It just wasn’t the lifetime sort of love.

Rest in Peace Jim.


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