some days…

…it’s really hard to get out of bed. Other days, I just want to hate him and get on with my life. Today, it’s hate big time. Friday will be week number 4 since I have returned to PC. I really hope the break downs are done. Yesterday was a bad one. Because of the email he sent, telling me he thought about me on Mothers Day (which was also my birthday), hoping I had a good day and commended me on the good job I did raising my sons.

I have all but given up with that stupid dating site. Maybe the men contacting me have good intentions but my trust is 100% gone. gone. gone. One guy seems nice but desperate and lonely. I do not want to be smothered AGAIN. And I really don’t need a man who is unemployed. Curious if some of them are really retired. I heard of one that claimed retirement, younger than me and found out he was on disability= fibromialgia. Please.

So…I give up on love. I have all I need. Guess I will look forward to summer and sprucing up PC. It could use some.

My Skeeter and his girl are house hunting. Not sure if they can afford it but I wish them well. They need to be together and get the extra dog out. Can’t wait until PC is mine again. I am kind of tired of sleeping in the spare bedroom on a twin size bed but it was my choice. I want my bedroom back. And I have a HUGE ass TV in my living room. Scooter won it. It needs to go.


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