On getting my life back

Just when I think I have a new, special, loving life with the man who wows me like no other, I get slapped back into a crude reality that this so called “man” is an imposter. This man didn’t mean the things he said. What a foolish mistake. I am usually pretty good at judging character. He totally threw me a curve. BIG TIME.

So … all moved back to PC but the place is a disaster. Boxes all over, not mine, I took care of all my things. One gone, I had a long talk with Skeeter and she just had to go. And she took the puppy pitbull from Hell. I can live with my son and one more dog but three dogs was too much. They were always fighting and poor puppy spent most of the time in his kennel because of it. Why is it I am the one who always gets hurt? In the midst of a fight, I got attacked and now have a huge bruise over my knee from toenails digging in.

I can honestly say I haven’t been this devastated in, well, not sure I have ever, in my life been THIS DEVASTATED. Almost 2 weeks later and I still find myself in a total breakdown. At work is the worse. No one knows how bad I really hurt. Well, except now with my readers. I joined up on the dating site again. I need to get out and get over it but I really don’t know if I am ready yet. I keep thinking this one is going to take a long time to get over.

I went to Groove Walk in Holland last weekend and spent the night with a friend. Groove Walk was really crazy. People everywhere. Bands at several places. Was it fun? Yeah, I suppose. Would I do it again? Most likely not. Went retail therapy shopping but can’t wear anything I bought because it is too fricken cold. Supposed to be warming up in the next couple days.

PC has been neglected. I really need to spend sometime outside, getting the weeds pulled out of the perennials. Hopefully this weekend will be warm and dry and I can pull out my frustrations on weeds. Geez, what a lame post. Sorry…


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