Dog Sitting

So D volunteered to dog sit for his daughter who lives in Indiana but is only an hour and a half away. Jasmine is a big dog. A Belgium Shepard. She has become a bully and is mean to my Stella. Thankfully she is leaving for home tomorrow. At first we thought it would be nice to have a second dog. WRONG.

Recently I took Stella to Ds, thinking we were just going to hang there for the night. D had other plans and we ended up leaving the two dogs alone while we went out. I was uncomfortable but he said all would be ok. When we got back, I couldn’t get the door open. Stella had attempted to dig her way out and totally shredded the carpet in front of the door. I felt terrible. D has since put laminate flooring down. At PC Stella has several windows/glass doors she can peer out. Nose prints galore. D has one window available. And it isn’t really easy access with the table in front of it. Between that and a strange dog nipping at her she must have been stressed out.

The move is this weekend. I am not sure what I can do for Stella. I crated her for years when I first got her, I don’t know if she will take to it again. I hate to think of what she will destroy. I know Ds guitars have to get hung up. I suppose when Jasmine is gone things for Stella will be easier. D built his house and has only been in it for two years. It’s small. I am leaving most of my stuff behind and conveniently Skeeter and his girlfriend will rent PC. Cheap. Their payment will cover the equity loan for the new siding and windows. I still have the property taxes and insurance to cover. It will be nice to basically come and get things when I want them. All the furniture will stay at PC. Ds house is small and is pretty full already. I can’t wait for warm weather, I will be transplanting alot of my perennials at my new place.

This is awesome. We are so excited to get things rolling with our lives together. D is my best friend. He means everything to me. Tonight he is working late. He offered to make potato soup when he gets here but I am fixing jambalaya for him. I couldn’t be happier.


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