Looking for love in all the wrong places

It has been a month of internet dating and well, do I have a story for you! I have been communicating with a few online, messaging back a forth and met the horse owner/truck driver last Sunday. We had originally planned a date on Monday but his truck was in the area and he called Sunday morning and asked if I would be interested in lunch. Sure. He parked his big rig in a lot and jumped into Blue with me and off we went. I had no idea where to take him, we ended up at Pizza Hut because it was early and salad sounded good. He was nice. We ate and talked and then I took him back to his rig. And looked forward to meeting him on Monday for dinner. My bad. Geez. I guess I am just too danged nice. I felt terrible because of all the driving he had to endure. He had to drive forty five minutes in the opposite direction of me to get to work, drive his semi all over, drive home forty five minutes back to feed his horses and then another hour and a half to get to me. So, instead of him getting here and then driving another thirty minutes or more to a nice restaurant, I made a big mistake. I invited him to my house and I would cook for him. I figured he would leave by 7:00. Almost as soon as he got to PC, HE WAS ALL OVER ME. At one point I said he was ruining it for me. And I was serious. He would stop and start up again. At 7:00 he said he didn’t have to leave until 8. I started watching the clock. I basically fought him off for 4 hours straight. I do not know why he got the impression I was gonna, um, you know, do him any favors. He told me he wanted to tell me something. He did. The next day on the phone. He loves me. OMFG. He texted me several times and we spoke on the phone and he was fully aware of someone else I wanted to speak to that lives near me. He had even agreed that there would be a “what if”  hanging over my head if I didn’t contact the other guy. Then he emailed me and asked me to call, I emailed back and said I was expecting a phone call. Which I was. He asked if I would rather talk to the new guy that he refers to as “MR CONVENIENT”. Well, hell yes. He told me he would love me like no one else blablabla…over and out Mr. Trucker.

D (or Mr. Convenient as trucker called him) and I had been communicating through messages for quite some time. At least he is patient. I had gave him my phone number via a message on the dating site. He is old-fashioned and nice enough to message back wanting to know a good time to call. We spoke for a couple hours Tuesday. What a great sense of humor. We spoke again on Wednesday and Thursday he asked if I would be interested in coming to his place for dinner, he loves to cook. I was expecting Skeeter so I politely turned him down and asked for a rain check. He then asked if I would like to go out some time and I said sure. I met him in town Friday evening and we went to the restaurant I suggested. He is average looking, not as tall as I like them but what a fun time we had. He kept telling the waitresses that it was our anniversary. I said yeah, we have been together an hour. Make that two before we left. He took a different route back and asked if there were any other place I may be interested in going. I could tell he didn’t want the date to end. Neither did I. So we stopped at a bar. I was  there last weekend with a girlfriend and they had a kick ass rock band. Unfortunately this weekend was country. And it wasn’t good. But we got a couple dances in, a slow one and a very hard-to-dance-to version of Sweet Home Alabama. After the second set I couldn’t take it anymore and asked if we could leave. We arrived at my car and he said he wasn’t ready to say goodbye. He asked me, telling me he would behave and be a gentleman, if I would follow him back to his house so he could play his guitar for me. Swoon. The guy has amazing talent. He even played a couple songs that he wrote. Too awesomely cool. He writes straight from the heart. He used to play in a band years ago and has started practicing with friends again. They are planning to line up some gigs in the future. They will be country rock and I think I like it, so far. Did I mention he built his house? It is small, only two bedrooms and very nice. But he doesn’t like living in the country and the only neighbor he had died. Dang! My poor Stella was stuck at home, crossing her legs to keep from peeing on the floor, so I had to leave. He emailed me this morning, thanking me for the date and that I exceeded all his expectations. LOL  And wants to cook me dinner sometime soon. What a sweety…


One thought on “Looking for love in all the wrong places

  1. okay, so I am behind and you wrote this almost a month ago, he didnt kidnap you, did he? Ooooooh, guitar, musicians, builders….I got me mine, I hope you like this guy, just for the sake of that and hope he is nice and kind and lovely! (now I am going to go check out facebook)

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