Have you ever?

I made a decision before the New Year. “B” and I weren’t going anywhere and getting there fast. I told him I was going to sign up for an online dating site after the first. Oh joy. One of my requirements is the person must be patient and not be in a big hurry to meet face to face. Men are very impatient!  So far I have spoken to two  three via the phone and well, so far two eliminated without ever meeting.

I found Rick very attractive. Great smile. Ambitious. He lives in another state but works less than an hour from PC. He was very polite and snuck his phone number into one of his messages and mentioned hoping he wasn’t being too forward. I said probably and called him the next evening. We had three days of phone conversations until the. last. one. He had told me he didn’t like drama. Who does? I don’t have any but concluded that he did. Alot. Because of all his (non)drama, he decided he just didn’t have the time to spend trying to get to know me better. Maybe later. Probably not! I really think he is still in love with his ex fiancé, “the party girl”. His loss…next!!!

Week two, another “contact” caught my attention. He is only 20 minutes away. Easy on the eyes but even his profile said I don’t know. He sounded too much like my old roommate. As in no hobbies, no nothing but a couple chickens. So I call him and he bored me on the phone. I ended up telling him my battery was about to die, true and thankful. Sunday my phone rings. The guy on the other end asks, Ruth? I say no, you have the wrong number. He says sorry but pauses. He asks, Judy? I recognise his voice. I ask, who is this? He says Mark. I say, hi Mark this is Deb. He starts with the nervous laughter and says that his phone must have messed up or maybe him. LOL Idiot. I suggested a bit of effort in keeping his woman straight. And then said goodbye (forever). Next!

Ok, Doug. He’s short for my standards. 5’10”. And in a big hurry to meet. He wants me to be the center of his world and I ask how can one tell that from a couple of photos and phone conversation? Yes, just a tad bit smothering. As in he has called me 4 TIMES today! He has horses. I love horses. Divorced twice, the second marriage lasted six months. He lives an hour and twenty minutes  away. He is very sweet. He is willing to take the drive and meet me in my home town. I’m scared.  He asked me to ride with him to check out the horse he wants to breed his mare to. On Thursday. We wouldn’t be getting back until well after 11 p.m. I have to work Friday. Arrggh decisions, decisions!!!


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