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So I tried out the Silhouette today. So far so good. FYI I am breathing through my mouth because, like when they were small, my sons are always sick on Christmas. And because Scooter and I had the same drink (flavored water) I took a drink of his by accident. Then I said, great, now I am going to get sick. Guess what I am doing on New Years Eve! Most likely sitting here under a blanket because I am sick. My cheekbones hurt. My nose is all stuffed up. My left eye is running and I am fighting a sinus infection. Lovely.

anyway, the Silhouette. Here are some of the images I own. The thing came with 50 and I used the free card to get more. I can’t believe they charge $1.99 for these. I’ll do my own. This thing is pretty easy to figure out. I suppose my experience with photoshop and illustrator helped. Kinda sorta similar.

It came with two carrier sheets, depending on the thickness of paper you use. I didn’t know the weight of mine so I used the thicker choice because I was using what I would consider card stock. The carrier sheet has a sticky side and you mount the paper on that.

There are a great amount of fonts to use so I chose one, typed out “Family” and sized it to fit a frame. I filled up the rest of the paper with random images I thought were cool. I basically fed it into the machine, pressed cut and away it went. (the hardest part was figuring out how to switch the printers. my laptop kept defaulting to another printer which is odd because I have never installed a printer on my laptop). Here’s the cut.

I attempted to peel off the paper. That carrier sheet is very sticky. It wasn’t easy trying to pull apart all the little chunks of paper. There were a few pieces that didn’t cut all the way through. I ended up getting out a razor blade because I was too lazy to look for the exacto knife. They sell tools made for this. Here are the images all punched out.

I love the little witchy boots. I will save these images to make some cards or something later. But here is what I was really after. It turned out pretty good. I used stick glue and I hope it dries clear because right now I am not liking it so well.

I spoke to “B” a couple times today. As I was pulling out of my driveway, I met up with the mail lady and she handed me a big box. With his return address. aarrgghh. He sent me my Christmas gift! He has been so busy with his business and having all three of his daughters home at the same time that we haven’t had our Christmas. I refuse to send his. I proceeded to yell at him and then gently told him there was no way I was opening mine until we were together and he could open his. He is in a great deal of stress at the moment, his hard drive crashed today and he has lost all his work. His computer geek told him he wasn’t sure how much he could recover. I don’t know how to help him. I know he doesn’t need my cold.


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