Hey, I’m on Staycation!

wow, it’s 3am and I am still up. I’m a night owl when work doesn’t force me go to bed before midnight. I will share a secret with you. I bought myself an early Christmas gift a few weeks ago but with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday I didn’t get a chance to play with my new toy. Tonight was the night.

It’s a Silhouette-SD! I read great reviews and found it on sale at Amazon with free shipping and a $25 prepaid card for digital downloads. I spent alot of time figuring it out and had to go online to download a new driver and update my flash player for some unknown reason. I had some problems deciding which blade to use, mostly because the paper I had purchased didn’t indicate the weight and I guessed wrong. I cut out the words “eat it and like it” for my kitchen because I tell my sons that all the time. Especially when they turn their noses up at something new I serve. It’s a big joke in our family.

So, after getting a successful first cut, I decided to go ahead and get some free downloads. It appears these things are $1.99 each. Basically for a shape. But I have $25 to spend and the whole site is on sale for 99cents through the end of the year, woot! I don’t remember how many pages there were. I spent hours!

I really want to use the designs I create in photoshop and illustrator. I haven’t figured that bit out yet. But when I do I’m gonna have fun. I also have a coupon for 10% off for vinyl, replacement blades and sketch pens. I guess this thing will draw for me too. Doubt if I will use that function. It will cut perfect circles. I can’t! I am loving it so far.

Martha Stewart is on Jimmy Fallon tonight. She is talking about her Christmas trees. In her house. How many? 14. In. Her. House.

ok, my eyes are starting to cross. I pray that dude comes and plows my driveway soon. Or my staycation may last until the spring thaw.



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