A Crappy Christmas!

My sissy did it again. I love it. The wooden box will be perfect for storing some of the Cola Christmas deco.

My sissy and I have had a joke going on for several years now. It started when I wrapped a tacky votive candle holder and gave it to her for Christmas. The following year I got it back. And so on. This year I bought her a pot holder featuring the pretty pink bird. And since she had the flamingo candle holder, guess who got it back! It’s always pretty much a surprise. I never remember it unless it’s in my hand that year to give to her.

Here’s a few more of my gifts from her this year. The votive holder is on the left.

I love this sign. I have a small collection of Wizard of Oz, my favorite movie, which I don’t even own. I don’t know if she was going from that or because I have a bit of an attitude at times.

My sons came early to open their gifts from Santa and then my sissys family arrived. We ate. We opened more gifts. Scooter and Skeeter left to spend time with their dad and returned a few hours later. With a girlfriend and their dogs. I do not allow my granddogs, Token and Butters (yes, from South Park) to visit when I have a house full. Just too much dog going on. The first thing Token did was run to the kitchen, I suspected to find food. A short time later Skeeter went in there and busted out laughing. Token pooped in my kitchen. hohoho, not funny!!! Then a fight broke out. They slammed into a side table and everything went flying. They are much more fun when they are outside, where they can run and play and leave my house alone! Token is a baby. It wasn’t his fault! He dropped a yule log with all the excitement, it wasn’t on carpet and I didn’t have to clean it up.

And to finish off the day Skeeters girlfriend went missing. She had been texting him from my bathroom but his phone was dead. Turns out she had plugged up the toilet and had spent a great amount of time trying to fix it. When Skeeter found her, she was standing in the corner, crying, watching it overflow. My floor was flooded. My basement is wet. And the toilet still isn’t working 100%. I may have to call in back up!

I spent today vacuuming glitter, cleaning the kitchen, and doing laundry including all the towels used to clean up the bathroom incident. I took some trash out to the can. As I was coming back in I spotted a Target bag on the porch and thought, oh shit. Who didn’t get what for Christmas? I opened it. Dang Skeeter had scooped up Tokens log with a paper towel, put it in a Target bag and deposited it on the porch. So in the end, I guess I did assist with the clean up.


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