Who are you people?


I have written over 40 posts. I know I am not very exciting but come on folks. My blog stats say I have readers but I have no clue you are. Did you know you can leave a comment? You can! Click on the red underlined leave a comment below the blog post you are reading. So please, give me a little something, something! Anything! Tell me who you are – you don’t have to give me a name. Just a quickie about you. Have you wrapped up your Holiday shopping? Boxers or briefs? Do you hate salmon as much as me? I know it’s good for me. I want to love it. Don’t tell me it’s the way it’s prepared. I force myself to take a bite off someone elses plate when they swoon over how good it is. No matter what, it all tastes the same to me. A big, fat, mouthful of  Y U C K.

I am not a stalker. I just want to know who is here and what they like or hate about my reaching out to the world. Wow, when you think about it, that’s kinda scary. But I like it! You read me. For all I know I read you too. Or I would if I had your blog address.

So please take a second and join in with my one and only commenter/blog friend. She is dedicated! She is opening a restaurant soon. I want to eat there. I won’t be ordering salmon.


One thought on “Who are you people?

  1. HA! I am the same way! I dont look at it often but when I do, I see I also have repeat readers, like, twice a day, for a good amount of time! I wish I knew too! Re: Salmon, I only like it marinated in ginger soy (like Soy Vey) and grilled on the grill. With angel hair and arugula. Regular salmon, yuck.

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