After my faithful companion of 13 years was hit by a car right in front of PC, it was, well, like I had lost my best friend. Sweety (as my preschool sons named her) was indeed a huge part of our family. Over five years later I am tearing up as I speak. My heart still breaks just thinking about her. She was our protector. The perfect guard dog. She watched my sons get on the school bus for the first time and greeted them when they arrived home from high school graduations. The vet had called me the next morning to tell me Sweety hadn’t made it through the night. I was at work. I totally lost it in a quiet office full of co-workers. I don’t even have the words to describe the pain. And no, the people who hit her didn’t stop.

My boys are big and strong. I know they grieved in private. I am not much of a crier. Especially in front of my kids. But that day I bawled like a baby as I watched Skeeter lower a one hundred pound black lab into the ground. I covered her with the blanket that Scooter and I had wrapped her in when rushing her to the emergency vet the night before. I turned and went to the house as my big, strong men covered her with dirt. Sweety is still with us. Under a big old tree in back of PC.

Enough sadness. It’s the holidays.

Friends had told me to wait before getting another dog. But every day I would come home from work to no Sweety. It was too quiet. The boys were off doing their thing all the time. I was lonely. So I started my search through petfinders. There was a picture of a dog that totally captivated me. I went to meet her at her rescue home. They had named her Spirit and she was six months old. The lady gave me a leash so I could walk her around and get acquainted. Spirit didn’t know what she was doing (leashwise) but she was having fun! I brought her back because I had spotted a little black lab puppy. I walked him too. He ate rocks! So my decision was made and I took Spirit home. And promptly named her Stella.

I had borrowed a dog crate when I first got her. I took her with me to return it to her former home. She wouldn’t get out of my car. She was smart enough to know where she wanted to live and it wasn’t there. But this dog is a big chicken. She hides behind me when she is scared. She jumps at quick movements. She is camera shy. But I love her. She is by no means my hero. Not as far as bravery is concerned. But she is a good dog. Most of the time.

I bought this ornament for her first Christmas at PC.

When I was gone I had to keep her in a kennel. She wasn’t house broken. One day I had to run to town and decided she could be left out for thirty minutes. She didn’t mess on the floor. Instead she decided she needed that loaf of bread on the counter more than I did. No, she didn’t eat it. Apparently she was saving it for later because I found it in her kennel.

Recently I spotted this ornament on the floor. It’s dry now. And my “Nice” is MIA. But my bread is safe. I have learned. Can she read or what? Stella? Did you eat Nice? Obviously she has no Holiday Spirit!


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