Art Prize Work-ized

what fun! I am embarrassed to say, although I do work as a professional graphic artist, I am by no means an “Artist”. Sure I paint. Walls. But check out some of the real talent that adorned our department the past two days. I so want this house! This is NOT a photograph but a pencil drawing!

This is one of the entries for the manikin competition. Karen added clay and wired in fiber optics so it lights up. She is such a show off! One of my Flower Babes (last years show), “Goth Girl” hitched a ride for this photo.

Here are the rest of the manikins. Check out the big one on the right. A co-worker makes objects out of foam insulation. People who visited got a chance to vote for their favorite manikin and this held the votes.

It was interesting seeing everyones imagination take over on these. I never did get my “family of manikins” done so I  made a hula girl.

We had handmade jewelry out of beads, out of clay. Painted wine glasses. Fancy jars of bath salts. We auctioned off an Amish quilt and sold our own cook book called Starving Artists. I contributed my Million Dollar Spaghetti and always requested jello jiggler shots recipes. All the proceeds went to our local chapter of  Hospice.

Thrown salad bowls. I bought one of these “on sale” after the show today. I love it!!!

This guy took a bunch of toys that you get in the fast food kids meals and made collages out of them.

Paintings covered our boring office walls for two days. It was sad to see them leave. I want them back. The color, the talent, oh my!

So you saw my hula girl. Is that not enough? Must you beg me to see my sad attempt at this years Art Prize Work-ized? It’s not done. Not yet. But I did share it. Such as it is. I’m sorry I am not an artist. I wish I were. I want to draw a house! Shoot, I want someone to build me that house! And I wish I had a better photo of this…

okee, dokee moving on…

I made a rocker Flower Babe for a friend. She sings in a kick ass band. This is her holiday card…pretty awesome!


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