Dear Santa,

Being an adult means as long as I don’t break the law, I am on the good list, correct? Because I am employed, I pretty much buy what I want need. Although a maid would be something I could appreciate. A four-month vacation somewhere in the tropics? Hey, everyone knows you go to Mexico after Christmas, it even says so in the song. I joke but the weather report is calling for possible blizzard conditions later this week and I shiver just thinking about it.

Oh, I know. I don’t really want it and because I don’t make that much money, PC could use a new garage. “Blue” just got new tires. He deserves a warm place out of the elements.

Santa, what I would like most, is to get all those unfortunate people back to work! So they can have a roof over their heads, food on the table and Christmas trees where you can deliver their presents.

Thank you in advance for doing your best, I know you will!

Have a safe trip,



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