Black Friday?

I woke up Friday morning with no plans. I am not much of a fight-the-crowd shopper so I sat home and recovered from the Thanksgiving festivities. When I looked outside I became very depressed. A few hours later I decided it was worth a photo, so those smart enough to move to warmer climates could feel my pain. You must understand that this was hours later and the white crap covering the ground had already pretty much melted. This is a small warning of my near future. Next Thursday and Friday “Lake Effect” snow with temps in the 30s forecasted. Oh joy.

Ack!!! I have to find a snow plow man quick! I have a snow blower but unfortunately “blowing” my driveway isn’t my forte.

I don’t remember ever actually enjoying snow. I don’t like big, heavy coats. Or snow boots. Sure… it’s pretty when I am inside, wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, watching it cover PC, with no plans of going anywhere until say April.

When I was married, my husband bought me a snowmobile. I soon realized he wanted it so he could have a spare for when a buddy came over. While I stayed home watching our small children. I tried downhill skiing. I even took a lesson. I ran into my instructor. Riding up a hill in a chair made for two is not my forte either. I almost died getting off the lift. The one and only time I made it, standing on my skiis, I used Scooter for balance and knocked him down. Did you know that when someone falls at the top of the hill, while making a sad attempt at leaving the chair, they stop the lift? Skiers, you can blame me for the wait down there.

I want sunshine. And sundresses. And sandals. NOW!!!


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