yummy, I made some awesome food, if I do say so myself. Has anyone tried the knock off Red Lobster Cheddar Bay biscuit recipe? I got one while the getting was good and then wham, gone! My family ate them ALL! Even though my oldest son “Skeeter” complained about “dry turkey and yucky stuffing” he ate it and came back for seconds. And the turkey wasn’t a bit dry. It’s just his way of telling his mom he loves all she does for him. And this is what happened after he ate my crappy food.

My sissy and her hubby were here too, with my niece. She wants me to do it all over again for Christmas, turkey and all. HA. I took yesterday off work, to get what I could prepared and then today finished it off and spiffed up PC. I usually do snacky foods for Christmas. She wants green beans (thanks pioneer woman) and cheddar bay biscuits and turkey and … no way!

Speaking of turkey, when I had my live-in, he did the carving. This year I elected my brother-in-law. I was too busy doing a jazillion other things to notice what he was doing to my masterpiece. After dinner, as I was bringing things back into the kitchen, I started laughing so hard I couldn’t even stop long enough to tell them what was so funny. Do other people actually do this or is it just me? I guess I have never seen the leg bones left ON the bird before.

After sissys family left and while his brother slept (for 2 hours), my youngest, “Scooter” and I played Wii. I sucked at golf but kicked his arse in bowling and tennis.

He’s giving the pouty look because he had just told me he had to poop. But I wanted a picture!

Unfortunately “B”  and my son’s girlfriend had other family commitments so I didn’t get to see them today.

Time for pie!!!


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