‘Tis the Season

When we aren’t totally swamped at work we have an Art Show. The sky’s the limit and coworkers show off their talents and offer up their wares to holiday shoppers, mostly within our company. Recently “B” and I shopped Hobby Lobby and I got the goods to get going. One volunteer project is to create whatever we desire out of this.

Look at the funny guy waving to you all. I didn’t realize he is doing the Michael Jackson (RIP) crotch grab! I have a few ideas floating around in my overstuffed brain but haven’t decided what to do with him yet. This is a voting competition and best man(ikin) wins. I’m also bringing some bling to this.

Saturday, when I checked the mail, there was a box with “B”s return address. I had actually asked him a favor, to stop back to Hobby Lobby sometime because there was something I was looking at and got sidetracked and forgot to buy it. I didn’t expect to find it in the mail a couple days later, with his twin.

So now I have a whole family to play with. Our show is Dec. 10 & 11. Oh man, someone stop the clock, I NEED MORE TIME!!!


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