The Chicago Trip (better late than never)

So a couple weekends ago a bunch of us ladies boarded a bus and headed to Chi-town. We were greeted with the hostess with the mostest and handed a bottle of water and a muffin to start the trip. Shirley does the best trips! She has games and prizes galore. All of my peeps won something and one won a $60 raffle! It justified her new boot purchase. The weather was perfect. Shopping was hot! Our poor feet were begging us to STOP, but we went on… and on… and on…

Thanks Shirley!!!

The theme of this years trip was Mardi Gras and Shirley gave us beads. We wore these in the malls to recognise people from our bus. Smart! The bus came around every couple of hours so we could drop off our purchases. By the end of the trip the whole underside of the bus was bursting with packages.

Passing out the Mardi Gras Beads

First up was a quick stop at Binnys Beverage Depot with everything imaginable. Wines galore. I didn’t make many purchases. I didn’t believe alcohol was a good value when we had malls and Ikea in our near future.

I was too busy shopping to take many photos and one place told me I couldn’t take pics of the boots I wanted to show a friend. I had explained to the bitch rude lady that she was probably losing a sale but she didn’t care. So I bought boots at Sketchers. Love them. So comfy.

My sissy has always wasted spent large amounts of money at The Disney Store, so that was one of our first stops at the Gurney outlet mall. There was a line at checkout a mile long so I hung by the entrance and waited. She still buys stuff for her daughter at Disney. Who is 24. WTF?

The salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays was the best I have ever had. Unfortunately I ordered sliders too and had wayyyy too much food. But by the time we made it back to the hotel I was ready for some snacking. Shirley had Chicago style pizza last year, I don’t know what the hype is because I was not impressed. She said the bill was over $400, so this year she served up appetizers and cookies. Of course there were more drawings and a costume contest.

These shoes were purchased at a stripper store somewhere on the web. They made her eight inches taller!

The lady on the right is a hoot. She is a comedian and is actually hired for parties, usually to embarrass someone. She had plastic boobs but I covered them in case someone gets offended. The other lady had sock boobs that she was flashing people from the bottom of her shirt where they were hanging. Too funny!!!

This is the 3rd year (in a row) I have made this trip. I am hoping for somewhere different next year. I am not going to post more photos of what I bought due to its’s getting late and I have to get up and go into work early. I am meeting up with “B” later. He wants to go shopping too. What a guy!!! The clay I need is on sale! And I have a 30% off coupon for Kohls. Woot!


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